If Only We Could Live Life By The Sea

…One day, hopefully!

The beach makes our entire family feel better.  Its like the air gets a little lighter and the responsibilities and chores and difficulties in daily life fade to back burner. I’m not even talking about having to be ON the beach.  Just being in the vicinity makes all the difference.  Just KNOWING its 10 minutes down the road.  That’s (part of) the reason we are constantly in Hilton Head, visiting my parents.  I joked with my husband the other day that I feel like I split time between houses because I or we have been there so much with the kids this year.

I was lucky enough to start working a job share when I was newly pregnant with my second child.  I am in the corporate world every Monday, Tuesday, and every other Friday.  With this schedule, I am able to get away on little trips a lot, and we take as much advantage of that as we can before the little’s start “real” school.  (I’m guessing it would be frowned upon to pull your kids out of school every other week for a trip? ha.)

We spent out 4th of July getaway in Bluffton, SC (for those of you that just saw the Bachelorette, its a pretty awesome little town!) Hilton Head, and Palmetto Bluff.

Palmetto Bluff is SO good for your soul.  This place is considered the essence of the low country. Problem is how EXPENSIVE it would be to stay there.  Its about 30 minutes from Bluffton so we always sneak over there for a day trip.  Beautiful Ruins, a church on the water that I wish I could have been married in, treehouses, ziplines, bike rentals, and the May River.  So much to do followed by champagne with lunch on the water.

Aside from that, we spent time at the beach, a lot of time at the pool, took the kids to sea pines and climbed the harbour town light house, went on dates, and just flat out relaxed.

My kind of week!

The kids are at an age now where they are SO fun to play with, and they love to play with each other.  Its a lot easier this year with two running playing toddlers than it was last summer.. crazy to think that Jax wasn’t even walking yet last summer!

Pictures from our getaway below.








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