How did that happen?  I feel like once college is over (and that was somehow 11 years ago) you lose track of time.  There is no longer the measurement of what year in school you are, or which semester you are in.  All of a sudden life just continues day in and day out, until you have kids.  They make me realize time again.  I feel like in the last four years I haven’t changed or aged much…(ok I am getting wrinkles thanks to two children). Sometimes I don’t even feel like I should be old enough to HAVE kids. and then I look at my children and see how they have transformed from newborns into full blown children and time catches up with me and practically knocks the wind out of me.


Everyone told me that I would love the thirties.  That you “feel like you know” yourself. That sounded like such a crock  (and a weird thing to say) until I am living it, and it really is true.  I love these years.  The stability of marriage and the amazement of raising people.  Its all incredible.

We just got back from a trip to the Bahamas to celebrate my birthday.  You may have seen my post ON my birthday of our family dinner date.  Happily dressed up and off to celebrate. If only the night actually continued that way.  We went out for Hibachi and ended up having to LEAVE the restaurant after ordering.  I put my wine in a kids to go cup and left with my tail between my legs.  Our kids were a NIGHTMARE.  After that night didn’t go as planned, the Bahamas was a much needed and appreciated weekend were I simply got to play with hubs. We went swimming with the pigs and sharks, jumped off a (man made) cliff at the resort, gambled a bit, and just relaxed… All. Weekend. Long. It was paradise.

A few of the things I wore this weekend that people were asking about are linked below!

crocheted bikini:


polka dot mesh frill one piece:


blue and white bell sleeve mini dress:


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