Shopping, the inexpensive way!

Who doesn’t love shopping and new outfits?  If you don’t.. call me, and I will shop for you. (for real.. I just did this for a friend the other day).  Also – I would love to occasionally be able to tell my husband that I am actually NOT shopping for myself when I am scrolling on my phone!

Really though, I am definitely a bargain shopper.  My dad has been with TJX companies since its beginning, so a good price /good deal has been instilled in my brain since I was a child.  I do admit that I will splurge on shoes and bags, or a jacket… but that’s generally it.  I would much rather have 4 trendy cute outfits than 1 expensive outfit. But maybe that is just me!

A lot of people often ask for the places that I have found a lot of my daily outfits and bathing suits.  I am a huge online shopper because shopping with my children… not good and not fun.  Also, shopping in sweats on the couch with wine is pretty fantastic.

I hope these sites below provide some cute looks for you guys!  These are my Go-To’s! The prices are great, but the shipping can take a while.  I love trying off the wall and different looking stuff from these sites too because its so inexpensive!  I may or may not have a pair of wild ruffle pants to debut soon.






Please let me know if there is anything specific you guys want me to post about!!





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