Atlanta with the babes.

I am home two or three days each week with the babes.  My children are just about to be 2 and 4 years old.  They are both wild and crazy and have a LOT of energy to get out.  It is literally not OK for us to “stay home” because all three of us would go insane and my house would look like robbers came in and tossed it.  Except its really my kids fighting over toys and searching for snacks. ☺  the joys.

That being said, I am always looking for something fun to do with them during the week days.  I am not much of a “mom group” person (no offense meant..) and not one for “play dates”.. unless the mom is my friend and we forced our children to be friends… and usually wine or coffee is involved.  ☺

So, here are a few things that I do with my children in and around Atlanta that we all enjoy. I have linked all of them that have a website below!

Free! A playgound, walking trails, a teepee, a piano in the woods, a creek for the kids to play in, and a boardwalk around the wetland to walk through.  VERY cool spot and never too crowded!  A hidden Gem in my opinion!

The membership is a great deal! I think I paid $120.  It lasts for a year, and you can always get another friend in with you and up to 4 kids over 3 I believe!  Under 3 is free ☺  The zoo has a splash pad, playground, petting zoo, train, and so many other kid activities in addition to the animals.  I love it more when it’s NOT summer so there are less people.

A walking / running loop that is about 2 miles paved and very serene, multiple playgrounds for different ages, a skate park for the older kids, green space, a and creek to play in.  We also go to the Dunwoody Food Truck Thursday nights here a lot!  They have live music which is always fun.

Again, I got the membership and I got it at the time that it was on sale. I paid about $100 and I can always take a friend and their children with my membership! This place is incredible.  The dinosaurs are always a hit with the kids, but even better is the massive treehouse / underwater world play area for the kids to run free, safely.   They always have a new exhibit to check out and their new outdoor space is huge too.  Playgounds outside, a little ropes course type area for older kids and lots of walking trails.

Free! huge green space, shopping for mommy, and an indoor / outdoor playground.

living hell on a weekend.  Great at 10 am (on the dot) on a weekday.  Clean, and empty. Mom admission –  I actually have fun playing in the tunnels and bouncy houses and on the slides with the kids, too.   $18 gets both kids and me in to play for as long as we last!

Chattahoochee river – there is a spot on the river that has SUCH a long trail that you can run and walk and be along the river most of the way.  They have stop points for the kids to feed the ducks, too.

  • Ashford Park – Brookhaven

A new frequent playground of ours is Ashford Park!  It’s like the land for lost toys.  There are bikes and push toys and play houses all around the playground for the kids to use.  Also, a huge sandbox with a shade cover for the win.

Another great site to consider for kid friendly events in your area is Red Tricycle!  

I’ll write another post soon about some creative ways I have come up with to entertain them when we ARE stuck at home for the day ☺


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