Possibly my best under $75 purchase, ever.

You guys. Best find ever.

I have been wanting to get a second diamond band for my wedding ring for oh I guess about 6 years now since we have been married for 6 years next month ☺.

We have talked about getting me a second band and every time we discuss it or look at it, it just seems CRAZY to me how much it would cost.  I always think of a way I would rather spend that money ☺

I found the perfect solution. Actually, I copied the perfect solution from a friend! Ha.

Swarovski crystal. I got a band from them that is EXACTLY the same size diamond as my band. FOR $59.  I literally can’t even tell the difference between my “real” band and the crystal band.

You can link to the one that I bought, here:

“Diamond” wedding band

If your diamonds are larger than mine, they have larger sizes as well!   They also have some beautiful gold stackable bands that I love the look of mixed in with an engagement ring & band.

Here is an up close picture of my bands.  One real and one not!



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